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Why Should The Fabric Be Bleached?

Jul. 22, 2019

After scouring, most of the natural and man-made impurities on the fabric have been removed, and the capillary effect has been significantly improved, which has been able to meet the processing requirements of some varieties. However, for Plain Bleached Fabric and brightly colored light colored fabrics and colored fabrics, it is also necessary to increase the whiteness, so that bleaching is required. Today Plain Bleached Fabrics Manufacturer would like to share with you the purpose and the method of bleaching.

Plain Bleached Fabric

Plain Bleached Fabric

Purpose of bleaching:

The purpose of bleaching is to remove the natural pigments, impart the necessary whiteness to the fabric, and at the same time further remove the natural impurities that have not yet been removed from the scouring.

Bleaching method:

Mainly there are dip, drift and continuous rolling.

Immersion is the process of immersing the fabric in a bleaching bath for bleaching. The rinsing is to uniformly stack the fabric in the tank, and the rinsing liquid is continuously sprayed on the fabric by a pump. Dripping is a discontinuous production that is rarely used today. Continuous rolling is the bleaching of the fabric after being immersed in a large container or in other equipment for a period of time.

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