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How to Clean Printed Fabrics?

Apr. 14, 2020

How to clean printed fabrics? As the fabric with extremely high usage rate, printed fabrics are deeply loved by people. However, printed fabrics are different from embroidery, which are easy to fade, drop materials, fold, etc., which makes them a headache when washed. How to clean the printed fabric? The following Bedding Twill Printed Fabric Factory teaches you the correct washing solution for printed fabrics.

Printed fabrics refer to the patterns or patterns printed on textiles, and have attracted much attention because of their diversity and fashion sense. What is calico? The characteristics of calico fabrics, recently, the first batch of "cotton twill calico" to be launched in China Zhili Cotton City, with its unique strengths such as soft feel, beautiful appearance, strong fastness and excellent texture tightly attracted the attention of many clothing manufacturers. Printed fabrics include: cotton printed fabrics, Plain Printed Cotton Fabric, chemical fiber printed fabrics, women's fabrics, and high-end fabrics such as apparel fabrics.

Plain Printed Cotton Fabric

Plain Printed Cotton Fabric

How to clean printed fabrics?

First soak the corner of the printed fabric, and then wipe it with a white cloth at the printing place. If the white cloth is dyed, it means that the printing is faded.

1. Be sure to wash properly, do not soak, rinse with cold water alone, install dehydration and dry. If bleeding occurs accidentally, immediately rinse thoroughly again.

2. If conditions permit, dry cleaning can be sent.

3. If you accidentally get edible oil, you can scrub with detergent as soon as possible; industrial oil stains, scrub with pine perfume or gasoline, and then rinse with detergent and water (do not use hot water).

How to maintain printed fabrics?

Salt water soaking method: It is most suitable for the fading of colored clothes. If there is a slight discoloration, you can soak it in light salt water for ten minutes before each wash, and stick to it for a long time, the clothes will never fade.

Anti-drying method: Most fabrics can not be directly irradiated by the sun, because ultraviolet light is the culprit of the fading of the clothes, so not only to reverse the drying, as far as possible in a dark and ventilated place.

Precautions for washing of printed fabrics:

The printing series are used normally and maintained normally, and the cotton will fade after being launched. This is normal, please wash it by hand. The printing of dyeing and printing has a taste. It can be dried in the sun, and it can be hung in the air. It is normal. Many cuties are machine washed or put in washing powder bubbles to cause the printing to fade.

1. Bleaching water, bleaching liquid and 84 disinfectant all have bleaching effect. Color clothes must be used with caution. Color bleaching liquid can be used for white and colored clothes. It has the function of washing and protecting color. Soak in softener for a few minutes.

2. Washing powder now generally contains phosphorus and bleaching function, and will reflect with the printing, causing the printing to fall off.

The above is the cleaning method of printed fabrics introduced by Home Textile Cotton Printed Plain Fabrics supplier.

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