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Why Do Military People Wear Camouflage Clothes?

Oct. 08, 2019

Find here details of Canvas Camouflage Printed Fabric on our website. Today we would like to talk about why do military people wear camouflage clothes.

When the soldiers are fighting, they will wear camouflage uniforms. Each service has its own camouflage uniform. The Marine Corps has the Marine Corps camouflage uniforms, the Army has desert camouflage, and the jungle combat has jungle camouflage uniforms.

Canvas Camouflage Printed Fabric

Canvas Camouflage Printed Fabric

A kind of military camouflage suit belongs to the category of training uniforms. The colors are green, brown, black, yellow, etc., forming an irregular pattern. The camouflage suit requires that its reflected light waves be roughly the same as those reflected by the surrounding scenes. It not only confuses the enemy's naked eye reconnaissance, but also resists infrared reconnaissance, making it difficult for the enemy's modern surveillance instruments to capture the target. It has better concealing effects in vegetation environments such as forests and grasslands.

As a Canvas Dyed Fabrics Manufacturer, we can share with you that the development of camouflage clothing has a long history. In 1899, the British army invaded South Africa and carried out a three-year "British war" with the descendants of the local Dutch, the "Boer". The comparison between the Boer and the British is about 1:5. But the Boer found that the British army wears red military uniforms, which are particularly eye-catching in the greens of South Africa's forests and savannahs, and are easily exposed. Inspired by the Boer, they immediately painted their clothes and guns in green grass, which was easy to hide in the grass and jungle. Therefore, the Boer often unknowingly approached the British army and suddenly launched an attack. The British army was caught off guard, but the British army could hardly find the target. Although the British army finally won, but the casualties reached more than 90,000 people, far more than the number of casualties in the Boer army.

This has made European countries aware of the importance of camouflage in the modern battlefield. The colors of the bright military uniforms have been changed to green or yellow to achieve the purpose of concealment.

After the First World War, the emergence of various optical reconnaissance equipment made it difficult for soldiers wearing single-color military uniforms to adapt to the multi-color background environment. In 1929, Italy developed the world's first camouflage uniform, which has four colors of brown, yellow, green and yellow; in 1943, Germany equipped three soldiers with three-color camouflage uniforms. This camouflage suit is spread over three irregularly shaped patches. On the one hand, these plaques can distort the contours of the human body; on the other hand, some of the plaques are similar in color to the background color, and some plaques are significantly different from the background color, and the human body shape is segmented from the visual effect, thereby achieving the effect of camouflage deformation.

The German camouflage uniforms received very good results in actual combat. Later, the military forces in various countries followed suit and researched and improved the color of the camouflage and the shape of the plaque. The newly developed camouflage clothing after the 1960s is made of synthetic chemical fiber, which is superior to the original cotton material in anti-visible reconnaissance, and the infrared light of the camouflage suit is made by incorporating special chemicals into the color dye. The reflection ability is similar to that of the surrounding scenery, and thus has a certain camouflage effect against infrared light detection. Today, camouflage is not only used in military uniforms and helmets, but also in camouflage equipment, such as military vehicles, artillery, and even aircraft.

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