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Frequently Asked Questions About Printed Fabrics

Sep. 18, 2019

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Grey Fabrics Supplier

Grey Fabrics Supplier

Advantages of printed fabrics:

1. The pattern of the printed cloth is different in color, and it is beautiful and generous, solving the problem that only the solid color cloth was used before, and there is no printing.

2. Greatly enrich people's material life enjoyment, and the use of printed cloth is very wide, not only can be worn as clothing, but also can be mass-produced.

3. Good quality and low price, ordinary people can basically afford it, and they are loved by them.

Common problems with printed fabrics supplied by Grey Fabrics Supplier:

Q: How do you print on the fabric?

A: There is a kind of positioning map before dyeing the cloth, and then printing directly when dyeing the cloth. Another is to print after dyeing the cloth.

Q: How do paper printing fabrics differ?

A: If you want the fabric to be coated, you should pay attention to some coatings that are not mature. After the coating is finished, because the glue is applied, sometimes it will stick. You should pay attention to it. The main thing is to see if there is glue on the front. This is a very serious calendering: the general problem of calendering is not mainly to look at the feel. Right, sometimes the fabric will feel very brittle and the paper will be squeaky and then There is one more point to note about the brightness. Some fabrics will have a lot of white marks on the fabric after you press them.

Well, the knowledge about what fabrics are printed is for everyone to come here. I hope that reading this article will help you.

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