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What Types Of Textile Fabrics Are There?

Sep. 29, 2019

Find here details of Garment Bleached Fabric on our website. Today we would like to talk about what types of textile fabrics are there.

Knitted fabrics are divided into weaving fabrics and warp knitted fabrics according to the weaving method. Weft-knitted fabrics are often made of low-elastic polyester yarn or special-shaped polyester yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, etc., using flat needle structure, changing flat needle structure, ribbed flat needle tissue, double ribbed flat needle tissue, jacquard tissue, hair Circle organization, etc., woven on various weft knitting machines.

The following points are shared by Bleached Fabrics Supplier:

1. Soft fabric

Soft fabrics are generally lighter and lighter, with a good drape, smooth lines and a natural stretch of clothing. Soft fabrics mainly include knitted fabrics and silk fabrics with loose fabrics and soft hemp fabrics. Soft knit fabrics often use straight-line succinct shapes to express the graceful curves of the human body in the design of clothing; silk, hemp and other fabrics are more loose and pleated effect, showing the flow of fabric lines.

2. Very cool fabric

The cool fabric has a clear line and a sense of volume, which can form a full outline of clothing. Commonly used are cotton cloth, polyester cotton cloth, corduroy, linen and various medium-thick wool and chemical fiber fabrics. These fabrics can be used to highlight the design of garments, such as suits and suits.

3. Glossy fabric

The glossy fabric has a smooth surface and reflects light, giving it a sparkling glow. Such fabrics include satin-structured fabrics. Most commonly used in night dresses or stage performances, it produces a gorgeous and dazzling visual effect. Glossy fabrics have a wide range of freedom in the performance of the dress.

4. Heavy and heavy fabric

The thick and heavy fabrics are thick and scratched, resulting in a stable styling effect, including all kinds of thick woolen and quilted fabrics. The fabric has a sense of shape expansion, and it is not appropriate to use pleats and piles too much. The A and H shapes are most suitable in the design.

5. Transparent fabric

The transparent fabric is light and transparent, with an elegant and mysterious artistic effect. Including cotton, silk, chemical fiber fabrics, etc., such as georgette, satin strips, chemical fiber lace. In order to express the transparency of the fabric, the lines are naturally full, and the H-shaped and round-shaped design shapes are varied.

6. Functional fabric

Functional fabrics are fabrics with special functions such as flame retardant, antistatic, acid and alkali resistant.

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