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What Do Jersey Fabrics Generally Suit?

Mar. 17, 2020

The fabric woven with plain weave is called plain weave, that is, the warp and weft yarns are interlaced every other yarn (that is, the yarn is 1 up and down). This kind of cloth is characterized by many intertwined points, strong texture, very scratchy, flat surface, lighter, lighter, abrasion-resistant, and breathable. High-end embroidery fabrics are generally Plain Printed Cotton Fabric.

Plain Printed Cotton Fabric

Plain Printed Cotton Fabric

Plain weave is a collective name for plain weave cotton of various specifications. These include plain weave and plain weave, various cotton plain weaves with different specifications and styles. Such as: coarse plain cloth, medium plain cloth, fine plain cloth, poplin, half-line poplin, full line poplin, linen and brushed plain cloth, etc. There are 65 kinds.

So what are the respective uses of different thicknesses of plain weave? Woven Plain Dyed Fabric Supplier will tell you next.

According to the thickness of the warp and weft yarn used, it can be divided into coarse plain cloth, medium plain cloth and fine plain cloth.

1. Coarse plain cloth, also called coarse cloth, is mostly made of pure cotton coarse special yarn. Its characteristics are that the cloth body is rough and thick, and the cloth has more neps, which is firm and durable. Commercial cloth is mainly used as clothing interlining. In mountainous rural areas and coastal fishing villages, it is also useful to make shirts and linings with market-selling coarse cloth. Use of plain weave: used as material for shirts and pants after dyeing.

2. Zhongping cloth is also known as city cloth, and also marketed as white market cloth. It is made of medium special cotton yarn or viscose yarn, cotton viscose yarn, etc. Its characteristics are compact structure, flat and full cloth, firm texture and hard hand. Commercial flat cloths are mainly used as quilts, and linings are also used as shirts, pants, and sheets. Medium flat cloth is mostly used as bleached cloth, colored cloth and flower cloth. Plain weave fabric use: used as clothing fabrics after processing.

3. Fine plain cloth, also known as fine cloth, is made of fine special cotton yarn, viscose yarn, cotton viscose yarn, yarn and so on. Its characteristics are that the cloth body is fine and soft, the texture is light and tight, and the cloth surface has few impurities. The marketed fine cloth is mainly used as the same plain cloth. Fine cloth is mostly used as bleached cloth, colored cloth, and flower cloth. Use of muslin: After processing, it can be used as fabrics for underwear, pants, summer outerwear, and blouses.

Sometimes, the spot market of plain weave fabrics needed by clothing manufacturers cannot meet the demand, and custom printing and dyeing is required. At this time, we need Garment Bleached Fabric to achieve it. The advantage of our own printing and dyeing is that the color and pattern can be based on our own needs. The market is more exclusive. It is also easier to win a relatively good sales market share. Appropriate fashion manufacturers or fabric companies use this method.

If the requirements for the fabric are not very high, things that can be solved by using existing fabrics in the market are more suitable for stock, and the risk of printing and dyeing errors is small.

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