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How To Clean The T-Shirt Stains?

Jun. 29, 2020

Regardless of whether it is a custom-made T-shirt or not, it is inevitable when the stain on the T-shirt is good or bad, especially the white T-shirt. So how to clean the T-shirt stains? Herringbone Bleached Fabrics Supplieryou how to clean stains on T-shirts!

How to clean the T-shirt stains?

1. Removal of rust stains

Rust stains on clothing can be soaked with 1% warm oxalic acid aqueous solution and rinsed with clean water. You can also use 15% acetic acid aqueous solution to wipe the stain, or soak the stained part in the solution, and rinse with clean water the next day. You can also use 10% citric acid aqueous solution or 10% oxalic acid aqueous solution to moisten the stain, and then soak it in concentrated brine, then rinse and rinse with clean water the next day. The white cotton or cotton blended fabric is stained with rust. Take a grain of oxalic acid on the stain, moisten it with warm water, rub it gently, and then rinse it with clean water. In operation, in order to prevent oxalic acid from corroding the fabric, the operation must be rapid. You can also use fresh lemon juice to drip on the rust stains, rub it with your hands, and repeat it several times until the rust stains are removed and then rinsed with clean water and rinsed with clean water.

2. Removal of soy sauce stains

Soy sauce stains on clothing can be scrubbed with cold water, and then washed with detergent. For clothes that have been contaminated with soy sauce for a long time, add an appropriate amount of ammonia water to the washing solution (add 1 part of ammonia water to 4 parts of the washing solution) for washing. Silk and wool fabrics can be washed with 10% citric acid aqueous solution. After that, rinse with clean water.

taffeta polyester plain printed fabric

taffeta polyester plain printed fabric

3. Sweat stains on clothing

It can be washed with 25% strength ammonia water solution. You can also soak the clothes in 3% brine for a few minutes, rinse them with clean water, and then wash them with detergent. Sweat stains on silk, wool and their blended fabrics can be removed with citric acid. Rinse with clean water. When removing sweat stains and mildew, new stains can be brushed with a soft brush to remove mildew on the surface, and then wiped with alcohol. When removing old stains, apply dilute lye or dilute ammonia to the stain first, and then scrub immediately. Sweat and mildew on silk, wool and its blended fabrics can be washed away with citric acid, alcohol and other solutions.

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