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What are the varieties of twill? Pros and cons of twill?

Jun. 10, 2020

According to home textile bleaching fabric suppliers, twill refers to a variety of standard twill arrangement cotton fabrics, which includes twill and twill alteration arrangements, and various cotton twill fabrics with different standards and different styles. The fabric arrangement is two-on-one twill, 45° left diagonal cotton fabric. The frontal twill texture is notable, but the variegated twill is not significant. The warp and weft yarn counts are similar, the warp density is slightly higher than the weft density, and the feel is softer than khaki. There are two kinds of coarse twill and fine twill. Denim uses cotton yarns over 32 (below 18 inches) for warp and weft; fine denim uses cotton yarns under 18 (above 32 inches) for warp and weft. Twills are available in plain white, bleached, and variegated, and are often used as uniforms, sportswear, clips in sports shoes, emery cloth backings, and liners. The wide-width bleached twill fabric can be used as a sheet, and can also be used as a bed cloth after printing. The elemental and variegated fine twill fabrics are shiny after being picked up by electro-optic or calendering, and can be used as umbrella surfaces and clothing clips.

What are the varieties of twill? Pros and cons of twill?cid=10

twill dyed cotton fabric

Twill cloth (twill cloth) warp or weft yarns are interlaced at least once every two yarns. Add warp and weft interlace points and change the fabric arrangement structure. They are collectively called twill fabrics. Including: yarn twill, yarn slap, half-line slap, yarn gabardine, half-line gabardine, yarn khaki, half-line khaki, full-line khaki, brushed twill and so on.

The advantages of twill, 1. Good hygroscopicity, soft feel, clean and comfortable to wear; 2. Easy to keep warm, comfortable to wear properly; 3. Soft and close-fitting, good hygroscopicity and breathability.

The shortcomings of twill, 1. The appearance is not very crisp and beautiful, it is necessary to iron frequently when wearing; 2. It is easy to shrink and wrinkle, and the shrink resistance is relatively poor.

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