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What Fabrics Are Good For Bedding?

Oct. 28, 2019

The closest thing we get to sleep is the four-piece set on the bed, and the fabric of these beddings is in direct contact with our skin, so choosing the fabric is the key to determining whether the bedding is comfortable. let the Bedding Twill Printed Fabric Factory introduce you to what kind of bedding four-piece fabric should choose!

Plain Dyed Fabric

Plain Dyed Fabric

1, bedding four-piece fabric - cotton fabric

Let's take a look at the cotton fabrics that everyone recognizes. The advantages of cotton fabrics are that they absorb water, absorb sweat and stick to the skin, and they have no irritating properties on the skin of the human body. There are many styles, such as Plain Dyed Fabric, so the cotton fabric is naturally The dominant position in bedding. Moreover, in the cold winter, the warmth of the cotton fabric is better, the overall feeling is soft and comfortable, and the price of pure cotton bedding is relatively moderate. However, the biggest disadvantage of cotton fabrics is that they will shrink when they are cleaned frequently. Therefore, you should pay attention to this when ordering cotton bedding. It can be appropriately widened when customizing.

2, bedding four-piece fabric - linen fabric

Linen fabrics have natural and excellent properties and are unmatched by other fibers. According to the EEG measurement, the linen sheets make people sleep more easily than cotton sheets, and they sleep well. Tests on the skin have shown that the type of linen bedding is not irritating to the skin, and can also cause the skin temperature to drop, the muscle tension to decrease, and the linen fabric to inhibit bacterial growth. However, because the bedding of linen fabric is rough, it is only suitable for local use. Now it is rarely used in the place where it is connected with human skin. It is used as a bed cover during the daytime, or as a nursing sheet on the mattress.

3, bedding four-piece fabric - polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is a blended fiber that is blended with some natural and chemical fibers. Both the comfort of natural fibers and the durability of chemical fibers. The advantages of this kind of bedding fabric are: lower cost, good color fastness, bright color, good shape retention effect and durability. Disadvantages: easy to pilling, easy to get static, poor affinity.

4, bedding four-piece fabric - bamboo fiber fabric

In addition to the above fabrics, there are now some new types of fabrics, such as bamboo fiber fabrics, which are made from natural bamboo and are hydrolyzed and refined. The bedding made of bamboo fiber fabric feels good, soft, smooth, comfortable and breathable. The cross section of the bamboo fiber is covered with an oval gap, so it has good gas permeability, and the person sleeping on it is relatively cool and comfortable. Bamboo fiber is a natural fiber that produces negative ions and far infrared rays, which promote blood circulation and metabolism.

So how do we choose bedding fabrics?

We choose the four-piece fabric of bedding to meet the breathability and softness. Only by doing these two things can we meet the most basic comfort requirements.

Breathability: When we are asleep, the skin is also carrying out his metabolism work. At this time, the skin will discharge sweat or other metabolites. If the sweat we expel is not evaporated in time, it will remain in the bedding. A vicious cycle is formed with the metabolism of the skin, which eventually causes the skin to rash or cause other skin irritation.

Softness: The softness of the bedding gives a good touch. When we sleep, the soft cotton touch makes the body relax in this soft and comfortable atmosphere, making people sleep more peacefully. The softness of Home Textile Bleached Fabric is very good.

The above is the four-piece bedding set to choose what fabrics are better related content, I hope to help you.

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