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What Is Polyester?

Nov. 27, 2019

When people buy clothes, they often say 100% polyester on the label. So, what is 100% polyester? Polyester fabric is good? Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber clothing fabric used more in life. Its biggest advantage is that it has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor products such as outerwear, various bags and tents. If we want to know what polyester is, we still have to spend some time and study its characteristics in-depth. In fact, knowing what polyester fabric is in the future will be of great help to our future life! Woven Polyester Twill Dyed Fabric supplier will introduce polyester fabric in detail below.

What is polyester?

Polyester, an important variety in synthetic fibers, the trade name of polyester fibers. A fiber-forming polymer made from refined terephthalic acid (PTA) or dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as raw materials through esterification or ester exchange and polycondensation reactions. —Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a fiber made by spinning and post-treatment. Common are Suit Polyester Canvas Bleached Fabric.

Classification of polyester fabric:

Polyesters include: short fibers, drawn yarns, textured yarns, decorative filaments, industrial filaments, and various differentiated fibers.

(A) polyester short fiber fabric

1. According to physical properties: high, medium, low strength, medium elongation, high modulus, high strength and high modulus

2. According to processing requirements: cotton, wool, hemp, silk;

3. According to use: clothing, cotton, decoration, industrial;

4. By function: cationic dyeable, hygroscopic, flame retardant, colored, anti-pilling, antistatic

5. Divided by fiber cross section: shaped wire, hollow wire.

(B) polyester filament fabric

1. Primary yarn: undrawn yarn, semi-pre-oriented yarn, pre-oriented yarn, high-oriented yarn

2. Stretched wire: drawn wire, fully drawn wire, fully drawn

3. Modified yarn: conventional textured yarn, stretch textured yarn, air textured yarn.

Polyester fabric advantages

1, good chemical resistance, acid and alkali damage to it is not great, and not afraid of mold and insects.

2. Synthetic fabrics have good heat resistance and thermoplasticity.

3, high strength and elastic recovery ability, has the characteristics of strong and durable, anti-wrinkle and ironing.

4. Good light resistance, comparable to acrylic fabric.

Polyester Canvas Grey Fabric

Polyester Canvas Grey Fabric

Disadvantages of polyester fabric

1. Poor hygroscopicity. Polyester fabric has poor hygroscopicity, it will feel sultry when wearing, it is easy to be charged with static electricity, and stained with dust, but it is easy to dry after cleaning, the wet strength is almost unchanged, no deformation, and good wearability.

2. Poor dyeability. Without specific dyeing genes, the dyeing is more difficult and the susceptibility to dyeing is poor, but the color fastness after dyeing is good and it is not easy to fade.

3, easy pilling. One of the synthetic fiber products, after a period of use, pilling will occur.

4. Poor melting resistance. Poor resistance to melting, such as in the case of Mars, soot, etc., easy to form holes, avoid contact with cigarette butts and sparks when wearing.

Summary: The above is the polyester fabric related knowledge shared by Polyester Canvas Grey Fabric manufacturers. As one of the most widely used home textile bedding fabrics, polyester fabric has many advantages that other fabrics do not have. Of course, the defects are also very serious. protruding. Choosing home textile products made of polyester fabrics requires adequate psychological preparation.

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